Hayden Besswood Shoot Clip

Hayden Besswood

Pop Folk

Hayden Besswood builds a psych pop folk universe, colorful, sensitive where anything could explose. Originally from the port city of Saint Nazaire, the young French artist began in the small local folk scene, making their first shows and songs (two EPs were released on B&FF records) only with his guitar and voice. Going a little further on the Loire River, he moves to the nearby thriving city of Nantes, where he made new musical connections, and discovered a passion for studio experimentations and vintage hardware that he fixes and repairs himself. Influenced by multi-instrumentalist as Andy Shauf, Tame Impala, vintage keyboard sound & DIY process as Forever Pavot and clean voice psych pop as , Hayden bloomed his folk writing by bringing new elements, lush ornaments, clear pop songwriting, and dazzling psychedelic textures.

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