Deezer new visual identity

A brand new design for Deezer: Sharing Music, Living the Beat

Deezer, the music streaming giant, unveils a vibrant new visual identity that harmoniously reflects its core values of sharing and experiencing music. The revamped design encapsulates the essence of connection and community through its dynamic shapes and modern aesthetics. The bold use of these new shapes signifies the diversity of musical genres available on the platform, while the fluid lines embody the seamless sharing of musical moments.

The incorporation of interactive elements in the logo reinforces Deezer's commitment to user engagement, inviting music lovers to share their playlists effortlessly. The visual redesign, by agency Koto, resonates with the brand's philosophy of making music a shared and immersive experience, emphasizing the joy of living through the rhythm. Deezer's new identity isn't just a visual upgrade; it's a celebration of the universal language of music, inviting users to explore, share, and live the beats that define their unique stories.

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